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Daniel A. Heller
PO Box 2338
Brattleboro, VT 05303
Phone 802.257.0212

July 1, 2006-June 30, 2008. Principal, Halifax (VT) Elementary School, grades K – 8, Windham Southwest Supervisory Union.

July 1,2001-June 30, 2008. Curriculum Coordinator, Windham Southwest Supervisory Union.

  • Responsibilities included coordination and alignment of curriculum in a six-town, six-school district, as well as the developing professional development programs

March 28, 2001-August 3, 2001. Mass Insight Education, Member, site visitation team, purpose of which was to determine replicable characteristics of high performing schools. Authored several reports.

February 16, 2001 – June 2005. Consultant for Curriculum and Instruction, Community High School of Vermont, a facility which adjudicated youth under the age of twenty-one must attend to complete their high school educations in accordance with Vermont Department of Education curricular Standards.

July 1, 1999 - January 19, 2001. Principal, Metropolitan Learning Center. Bloomfield, Connecticut. The MLC is a start-up public global studies magnet school, serving six communities, students chosen purely by lottery.

Responsible for:

  • Recruiting staff
  • Evaluation and supervision of staff
  • Recruiting students
  • Developing curriculum
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Discpline

July 1, 1994 - June 30, 1999. Co-Principal and Director of Professional Development, Brattleboro Union High School. Brattleboro, Vermont.

Specialization in:

  • Leadership
  • Instructional Supervision and Evaluation
  • Professional Development

Program Development Administrative duties included:

  • Joint development of budget and curriculum
  • Responding to daily and ongoing discipline issues
  • Oversight of Special Education, Section 504, Title I Programs
  • Administrative responsibility for departments of:
    • English
    • Social Studies
    • Foreign Language
    • Fine Arts
    • Music
  • Liaison with Community Agencies

Special Projects:

  • Implementation of Discipline Study Committee and Attendance Policy Committee resulting in implementation of new policies and approaches to these issues
  • Development of External Communication Committee
  • Initiation of Community Speaking Engagements
  • Development and Implementation of Student Evaluation of Teachers
  • Development of Feedback/Communication Instruments between Faculty and Administration.
  • Development of:
    • Student Teacher Program
    • New Teacher Program
    • Professional Development Committee
    • Peer Presentation Series
    • Teacher to Teacher Peer Supervision Program
  • Development and Implementation of Alternative Learning Programs
    • Alternative Program Drop-out Prevention
    • Work Sabbatical
    • G.E.D. Program
    • Job Corps Linkage Agreement
    • Tutoring
  • Training Faculty and Staff in Crisis De-escalation Techniques
  • Work with District Diversity Committee and newly formed Cultural Advisory Group to address issues of acceptance and tolerance in a rapidly changing community

1989 - 1994 English Department Chair, Brattleboro Union High School.

1977 - 1989 English Teacher, Brattleboro Union High School and Middle School.

1975 - 1977 English Teacher, Chapin School, Princeton, New Jersey.


Daniel A. Heller
PO Box 2338
Brattleboro, VT 05303
Phone 802.257.0212
Email: helrdan1@gmail.com
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