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Daniel A. Heller
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Brattleboro, VT 05303
Phone 802.257.0212

Essex Junction Vermont High School, "Peer Supervision," March 1987 (Invited).

Vermont NEA Annual Conference, "Peer Supervision," October 1987 (Invited).

Windham Southeast Vermont Supervisory Union in-service training sessions on Peer Supervision., 1987-88 (Invited).

Conference on English Leadership, Los Angeles convention, "Peer Supervision in the English Department," November 1987 (Juried).

Windham Central Vermont Supervisory Union, "Peer Supervision," February 1988 (Invited).

Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union Educators' Convention, "Peer Supervision," March 1988 (Invited).

National Council of Teacher of English, Charleston, NC convention, "Peer Supervision," 1989 (Juried).

Conference on English Leadership, Atlanta convention, "Leadership," November 1990 (Juried).

Conference on English Leadership, Pittsburgh convention, "Encouraging Professional Growth in Educators," November 1993 (Juried).

Brandon Vermont Schools, "Peer Supervision," 1993 (Invited).

Successful Classrooms Conference, Keene State College, NH, "Peer Supervision," Fall 1994 (Juried).

Oregon ASCD Pre-service Conference, Speaker on Mentoring Programs
Monmouth, Oregon, February 25, 2005 (Invited).

Supporting New Teachers—A Workshop for Administrators, Keynote Speaker on Teacher Induction and Mentoring, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, May 12, 2005 (Invited)

The Principal’s Role in Teacher Retention:  “Mending the Leaky Bucket”—Principals’ Executive Program, Chapel Hill, NC.:  Conducted two breakout sessions. “Don’t Let All That Experience Walk Out the Door” and “Developmental Supervision:  Treating Teachers as Professionals From Start to Finish” (Invited)

2007 ASCD Annual Conference Presenter, Session # 2440, “The Four Fundamentals of Curriculum.” Anaheim, CA. March 18 (Juried)

Vermont State Colleges Academic Retreat: Engaging All Students: Learning That Matters, Co-presenter, Session #IIC, “Abstract Thinking: Can it Be Taught?” Johnson, VT. May 22, 2007 (Juried)

2007 Teacher Retention Conference sponsored by the University of Delaware, College of Human Services, Education, & Public Policy, Institute for Public Administration, and the Delaware Academy for School Leadership, Speaker, “The Principal’s Role in Teacher Retention.” Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. June 5 (Invited)

2008 Commencement Speaker, College of Saint Joseph, Rutland, Vermont (Invited)

2008 School for International Training, MAT culmination Sondona Conference on Language Teaching and Learning, Plenary Session Speaker, May 27 (Invited)



Daniel A. Heller
PO Box 2338
Brattleboro, VT 05303
Phone 802.257.0212
Email: helrdan1@gmail.com
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